Frequently Asked Questions

My list is empty! What gives?

You are probably using Internet Explorer or AOL web browser which we do not support yet, sorry! is still in beta testing, and firmly supported at this time are only Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Why are there so few activity options?

We agree, Ski and Beach don't even begin to cover it, and we are bringing you a solution soon! We are working on the Publish and Share feature that will allow users to share their activity-specific lists. You will be able to search through published lists, clone and reuse them as you please.

What is the announced Publish and Share feature all about?

This feature will add a social aspect to the site. Users will be able to publish and share their lists for specific occasions (be that a moving list, or one for a honeymoon trip, or camping) and also search through published lists by tags and keywords, clone and reuse lists, and much more. Stay tuned!

My kids need a packing list of their own! Why isn't there such an option?

We are working on it. Meanwhile, you can customize your list by adding items manually.

How do I print my list?

To print your list, open the list first and then click the Print button at the top of the page. No compact printing options are available at this time.

Can I save my list in PDF?

We are considering a PDF option for the future versions. But for the time being, on Windows you can use free software from PrimoPDF (no affiliation) to enable printing to PDF from the standard print dialog. Mac and Linux come with built-in PDF support.

How do I email a list?

This feature is currently in the works and available to you in the testing mode. Errors may occur.

Where are all my lists?

To find all lists, click My Lists in the top right corner of the page. You should be signed in to view your lists.

How do I make my own list without pre-generated items?

To make your own list, go to My Lists, click New List, and then "Start list from scratch."

How do I rename the list?

To rename the list, go to the list to open it, then click on the list name at the top of the page, and it will become editable.

How do I add new items to the list?

To add new items, click the New Item button on the toolbar or the New Item link at the end of each group.

How do I edit an item?

Just click on it, and it will become editable.

How do I delete an item off the list?

To delete an item, click the checkbox next to it and then click the Delete Item button at the top (or the bottom) of the page.

How do I delete multiple items?

To delete a range of items, click the checkbox of the first item and then Shift-click the checkbox of the last item. When the range is selected, use the Delete Item button to delete the selected items off your list.

How do I move an item within the list?

You can move items up and down the list within the group by clicking and dragging them to a desired location.

How do I add a new category or rename the existing one?

We are planning to implement this option in the next version.

How do I add a collaborator?

The Collaborator feature is being tested at the moment and will become available soon.

How do I copy a list?

To copy the existing list, go to the list, and then click Clone at the top of the page. You can clone your own lists, as well as public lists for reuse.

What about mobile access?

We are working on a couple of solutions: an iPhone-friendly interface for users visiting the website from the iPhone, and an iPhone application.

How dare you ask me for my Google password?!

It is a very good idea to be cautious online, but we assure you that we have no access to your Google account. When you click "Sign In" on our front page, you are redirected to Google. If you check the address in your browser, you will see which means you are now on Google, and the "s" in "https" means that it is a secure page. On this page you will find a message from Google, "If you sign in, Google will share your email address with Packwhiz, but not your password or any other personal information."

Can you send me reminders for the to-do items?

The Google Engine feature enabling email reminders has just become available, and we are on it! This option will become available soon.

How do I contact Packwhiz Support?

Please email us at